Wednesday, June 3, 2015

25th Annual LGBT Pride March in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

San Juan, Puerto Rico LGBT PRIDE 2015: June 7

San Juan (Puerto Rico) will be celebrating its twenty-fifth annual LGBT Pride Parade on Sunday, June 7, 2015, starting at 10am at the Parque del Indio in Condado and marching to the Parque del Tercer Milenio at the Escambrón. Join us!

Movimiento LGBTT en Puerto Rico: Estrategias para la Resistencia
El suplemento cultural En Rojo le dedica su portada esta semana al artículo de Olga Orraca-Paredes titulado "Movimiento LGBTT en Puerto Rico: Estrategias para la Resistencia", que fue la ponencia que Olga leyó en el congreso de la Asociación de Estudios Latinoamericanos (LASA).

Resumen en inglés:

Panel on The Intersection of Queer Artists, Activists, and Scholars in Puerto Rico (Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, Session Organizer) held at LASA Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2015.

The Political and Social Advances and Setbacks of the LGBTT Movement in Puerto Rico: Revising Strategies for Resistance. (Olga Orraca-Paredes)

Taking into account the national and international historical context, we will discuss the LGBTT movement in Puerto Rico, both its setbacks and challenges. We will share the experience of the country that lives in so much contradiction politically as much as socially. The recognition and respect for diversity are trapped in this reality. Puerto Rico, a country with Latin American and Caribbean identity, but a political and economic relationship with the United States for more than a century, as a colony, has an organized LGBTT movement that is 40 years old. This movement has responded to the particularities of our country and the wider context in which we are located (social, economic, political, and patriarchal systems). Our communities have been organized around the needs identified in each moment, from the experiences for those who call upon us, and responding to the diversity of people, visions, and strategies. We will examine the challenges and reflect on the advances and setbacks that present themselves in this battle for equity from a human rights approach and its relationship with diverse social movement. The reflection will be framed by taking a look across the intersection of identities and the recognition of diversity within and outside the LGBTT communities.

25ta Parada de Orgullo LGBTTIQ

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