Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eating Patacones in Ecuador!

Lola von Miramar has the most delightful friends!!!! Maxi and Beto indulge in delicious patacones inspired by Lola's video "Behind the Scenes on 'How to Make Tostones,'" which Lola filmed with her fabulous friends Saltina (Fausto Fernós) and Daphne Dumont (Marc Felion) of the Feast of Fun podcast!

("How to Make Tostones" is still in postproduction but promises to be on YouTube by the end of the summer!)

Maxi and Beto are engaged and just announced their plans to marry in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where gay marriage is now legal. ¡Qué vivan Max y Beto! ¡Qué viva la Argentina! ¡Y qué vivan los tostones!


Your always adoring Lola von Miramar
Mistress of the Tostones Universe

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