Wednesday, June 23, 2010

VIDEO: Chuchi the Clown Es Cosa Mala!

Chuchi the Clown is the extraordinary creation of the very talented and multifaceted Charlie Vázquez, who is the author of the recently published novel Contraband and who also maintains a very informative blog. Charlie also hosts the PANIC sex-radical literary reading series every month at Nowhere, one of New York City’s funkiest gay bars! Check Chuchi out!

In Creo que "ese" es bien...tu sabe..., Charlie channels his paranoid exiled Cuban grandfather, who is convinced that everyone is a communist and working for the FBI. He screams at his friend Beba, who seems to be hard of hearing, and talks about how the local French in the neighborhood and the Guardian Angels are all communists. He then curses having picked up the phone. Or something like that!

In a previous video (El Dali Lama) Chuchi rambles on about the Dalai Lama and Jesus, claiming that the latter really looks very Spanish and thus must be Latino!

Bravo for Charlie Vázquez!

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