Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lady Gaga, Lord Kermit, und Lady Lola von Miramar?

Fräulein Lola von Miramar has been practically hallucinating on thin air since her fabulous and oh-so-kind neighbor, the composer and guitarrist Carl Michel sent this photo of Lady Gaga and Kermit the Frog her way. You might not know this, but Lola von Miramar has always harbored a little, itty bitty crush on the suave green felt amphibian. I mean, he's soft, cuddly, lovable, and gainfully employed at a fascinating office job where he keeps immaculate track of Lola von Miramar's every Internet post:

(Photo of Kermit enjoying Lola von Miramar's blog.)

As Lola is not the jealous type, she is delighted that he has made a new friend, that glam-rock of feathers, metal and blood, the young starlet known as Lady Gaga, who even wore a red leather outfit to meet the queer of England! Of course, Lola is much closer to Gaga's lost sister, Sherry Vine, which is why poor Lola almost lost her marbles (not to mention her mostly-digested dinner) after seeing Sherry's hi-LARRY-ous video rendition of her hit "Bad Romance" parody! Ho ho ho!

Ah, what humor! But anyway, back to my story. If Lady Gaga is dating Kermit the Frog, does that make him a Lord? I think it should! Lord Kermit! And if they are going to be part of the British royalty, well then Lola thinks that she should be Lady Lola von Miramar aussi! Opinions? Don't bother responding if you don't agree!

Love and kisses,

Lola von Miramar

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